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Overcome Overthinking

I’d be rich if I didn’t think so much.

It’s true.

Every so-often, the opportunity of a lifetime seemingly falls in our lap.
Maybe it’s really only once in a lifetime.
Maybe it’s more.
Regardless, the key is to take action
during the lifetime of that opportunity.

It’s that element of action which separates those of us who live out our dreams
from those of who us simply live in a dream land.

I struggled with chronic overthinking in my younger years.
And by “struggled”, I mean it cost me years of growth, both personally and professionally.

I remember often finding myself somewhere between relief and regret.
Not a fun place to be.

As time wore on, I did mature and I’m sure that played some part in me wanting to be a better version of myself.

It was then that I pieced together these key 3 steps to overcoming overthinking and made up my mind once and for all.

1) Acceptance > Realization.

Beginning down the path of acceptance is chief in change.
When you begin overthinking, there’s a level of realization that takes place.
Remind yourself that you are in still in control – and must take captive of – those self-defeating thoughts.
The next time a person or situation is beyond your control, try this:
Consciously accept the circumstances, throw on the Frozen Soundtrack and “Let It Go!”

2) Ask yourself, “Is this really worth it?” (And Be Honest!)

One of my best friends told me once, “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It’ll give you something to do, but it wont get you anywhere.”
How true is that? That quote hit me square in the gut at a time when I didn’t want to hear it. I call those “Truth Bombs.”
How many of us can add a single day to our life by worrying? Tomorrow will worry about itself.
Remember that a huge part of life is about progress and moving forward. The only person you want to be better than is the you from yesterday.
Don’t find yourself rocking back and forth in a rocking chair. (Unless it’s at the Cracker Barrel – 100% acceptable)

3) Turn the dial

And what I mean here is, don’t just stay in the same places – surrounded by the same faces – and continually fight the same battles.
Distract yourself! Change your scenery. Begin working on those projects you’ve been only dreaming about to this point.
Begin a new venture. Start a new conversation. Literally change your mind like you change the channel with your remote control.
Now’s the perfect time to find a way to make the time to get busy with anything other than those old, stagnant ways of thinking.
So there you have it.
I don’t always aim to write something so personal but I hope it serves to inspire; to be an agent for change.


And there you have it.


I certainly didn’t intend to get so personal  but I hope this post serves as inspiration. I certainly hope it can become the catalyst for change in your life and with your habits.

The single greatest lie I ever believed was that I was destined to be an over thinker.

My hope today is that you don’t have to buy that lie. I believe that your potential is limitless.
If you’re ready to implement my three keys to overcoming overthinking, let me know in the comments.

Thanks for spending some time with me,


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